Scope of Service

Technical Services

We could help you to solve the issues on IoT hardware design and manufacturing and provide technical consulting service on redesign, upgrade and optimization.

  • Innovative Product Commercialization
  • System in Package Service
  • Multifunction Integrated Technical Consulting Service
  • Flexible Chip Substrate Technical Consulting

Field Verification

We can provide connections to suitable smart IoT testing verification fields according to the product features of your companies. Through actual data collection and analysis, we can assist in developing value - added products that are more in line with market needs. Currentl y we have already matched verification fields such as smart health and medical - electrical system, smart aquaculture, smart automobile - electrical - system, smart energy - saving system, and so on. In the future, we will continue to develop more diversified intelligent IoT field to satisfy the verification needs of widely various innovative products.

  • Market Positioning, Matchmaking Verification Fields
  • Product Verification, User Data Collection
  • Value-added Services, Additional Marketing Value

Application Services

By linking up with Taiwan’s abundant resources in IC and semiconductor ecosystem, we can provide you with the best solution for IoT product development and provide relating service in IC design and pilot run.

  • Open Source IC Application circuits
  • Evaluate Applic ation Boards by System Verification Platform
  • Prototype System Validation and New Product Development
  • Shuttle Service