IisC Overview

IisC combines Taiwan’s strong electronics industries with AIoT technology capacities to offer one-stop hardware/software design manufacturing services to SMEs with innovative products. The services, which include necessary technologies, modules, processes, and commodification consulting, are provided through an IoT smart system integrated service platform to help manufacturers realize their innovations, shorten product development time, speed up commodification procedures, and encourage smart innovative applications for more products with potential.

Technical Services

We could help you to solve the issues on IoT hardware design and manufacturing and provide technical consulting service on redesign, upgrade and optimization.

  • Innovative Product Commercialization
  • System in Package Service
  • Multifunction Integrated Technical Consulting Service
  • Hardware/Flexible Chip Substrate Technical Consulting

Application Solutions

By linking together Taiwan’s abundant IC chip and semiconductor design service resources, IisC can suggest the most suitable IC application solution to product development teams and offer relevant technical support and minimum volume trial production services.

  • Open Source IC Application Circuits
  • Evaluate Application Boards by System Verification Platform
  • Prototype System Validation and New Product Development
  • Shuttle Service

Product Testing

IisC will help the product enter commercial venues for trial runs and collect end-user suggestions and feedback for product revision so that it meets market demands. We also collect key data to run analyses and build modules as well as develop precise Edge AI real-time smart services.

  • Match Verification Venues and Identify Market Position
  • Add Value to Validation Data and Increase AIoT Services
  • Construct Business Models, Promote and Make the Products Available in the Market