IisC Features

One-stop Service Platform for Hardware and Software

  1. Provide a one-stop platform that offers comprehensive hard and software services to manufacturers and industries.
  2. Provide high-mix low-volume (HMLV) production services for innovative smart IoT products to make up technical deficiencies and speed up commodification procedures.
  3. Themed interactions and expo promotions

Integrate Legal Entity Resources

  1. Industry analysis
  2. SiP
  3. Optomechatronic integration
  4. Flexible electronics
  5. Smart sensor analysis

Taiwan Wafer/Chip Application Solution Database

  1. Share practical experience related to electrocircuit
  2. Assist in system error detection and verification
  3. Provide design improvement suggestions
  4. Recommend import substitution solutions

Shuttle Service Support

  1. IC design & manufacturing
  2. IC packaging and manufacturing

IP Core Inventory

  1. Software tool
  2. Power management
  3. Digital control and interface
  4. Analog circuit
  5. AI accelerator

Provide testbed venues and value-added data

  1. Expand verification data
  2. Construct high-performance inference models
  3. Improve training models