IisC Features

One-stop Service Platform for Hardware and Software

  1. Connects with industries to provide a comprehensive one-stop platform for hardware and software manufacturing services
  2. Completes the demand of small-volume production of a wide range of different items for IoT innovative products , fills the technology gap, and accelerates the realization of commercialization.

Integrate Legal Entity Resources

  1. Industry analysis
  2. Innovation IPprotection analysis
  3. SiP
  4. Optomechatronic integration
  5. Flexible electronics

Taiwan Wafer/Chip Application Solution Database

  1. Share practical experience related to electrocircuit
  2. Provide design improvement suggestions
  3. Recommend import substitution solutions

Shuttle Service Support

  1. IC design & manufacturing
  2. Assist in searching industry and innovation platforms,provide reticle/mask subsidies
  3. IC packaging and manufacturing

IP Core Inventory

  1. Software tool
  2. Power management
  3. Digital control and interface
  4. Analog circuit
  5. AI accelerator

Product Field Verification Trials

  1. Connect smart IoT empirical trial field platforms
  2. Testing and verification services for function feasibility and safety
  3. User data collection and UX improvement services
  4. Disparity analysis and optimizing value-added services

Exportable Innovative Operations Service Platform

  1. Smart exercising iSport platform
  2. Health management pre-warning platform
  3. Smart aquaculture managing platform