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*Company Name
*Contact Person/Title
*Tax Number
*Number of Employees
1~10 ppl.
11~50 ppl.
51~100 ppl.
ove 100 ppl.
*Is the company currently developing IoT-related products/already have products?
Has plans to develop such products within a year.
At the moment, no. (Please skip to Part Four: Form Manufacturing Clusters for Startups)
*Technologies relevant to your company’s products (check all that apply)
IoT Related Technology
AI/Edge AI
Information Security
*Stage of Product Development
Brainstorming Stage
Has a Prototype/Proof of Concept (POC)
Ready for Trial Mass Production
*Name and introduction of the product applying for this project
*Product Application Area(s) (check all that apply)
Smart Health & Care
Smart Sports & Recreation
Smart Body Sensor Technology
Smart Automotive Electronics
Smart Manufacturing
Smart Energy Conservation
Green Energy Technology
Finance & Insurance Service
Public Service
Smart Retail
*The Top-priority Service The Product Requires At The Moment (select one out of the three)
Technical Services: customized key module designs, hardware specs optimization, technical consultation services (continue to Part One)
Field Verification: enter verification venues to collect data, verify the service’s feasibility,test out operation models (continue to Part Two)
Application Services: chip design services, semiconductor intellectual property core design services, wafer tapeout services (continue to Part Three)
*Assistance Required (check all that apply)
Multi-purpose soft/firm/hardware integration services
Circuit design, layout, PCBA manufacturing, testing
Power source solutions (Power IC, step up/down circuit design solution)
Low power consumption IoT transmission technology (NB-IoT, LTE-M)
firmware/hardware integration technology (SiP, SoM)
APP webpage platform development
AI image recognition technology and signal processing
Product mechanism/heat dissipation technology
Soft/hard substrate circuit design conversion, printing & manufacturing
Micro functional component heterogeneous packaging integration
IoT soft/hard substrate sensor and communication integration design
Provide AIoT evaluation tools (AIoT localization evaluation board and firmware and software evaluation)
Sensor pre-/post-signal processing hardware and firmware services(preprocessing for analog signal conditioning, digital signal filtering, post-processing after classification)
Provide integrated TinyML development platform evaluation services (integrated development tools include Matlab/Simulink, Edge Impulse, etc.)
AIoT hardware optimization services (post-verification hardware simplification and optimization services)
*Request Description
*Assistance Required (check all that apply)
System integration solution services
Data cloud platform service
IoT product & AI model services
*Request Description
*1Assistance Required (check all that apply)
Wafer tapeout connections and consultation
IC/IP design and testing/verification feasibility evaluation
Power consumption measuring and power source design optimization
Evaluate and select domestically-produced chip application solutions that satisfy POC or product demand
Provide shared module samples
*Request Description
*For those who wish to join the Manufacturing Cluster for Startups, what are the services your company can provide? (check all that apply)
Chip production procedures & design
Chip and module packaging
Manufacturing & production
System design and integration
Sensor components and solutions
Smart venues
Information security
*1.What type of IoT products does your company wish to deploy? (check all that apply)
Business model/operation model
Production equipment
IoT product/solution
At the moment, none.
Please briefly describe your requirements:
*2.Does your company wish to understand or invest in IoT-related startups/products?
Yes, we are interested
More evaluation is required
At the moment, no.
Please briefly describe the product topic/domain you are interested in: